Don't Go Fat Webinar 


During this webinar we will discuss the benefits of using hybrid devices in large-scale environments, required steps to re-purpose fat client hardware, HOW this can be beneficial to companies and WHY a thin client solution is generally more secure.

System administrators and decision makers should attend this webinar to gain a good understanding of licensing models, hybrid devices administration and device management, and our newest product line improvements to enable quick device onboarding (uPilot and improved SCG).

In the webinar, we'll dispel myths about thin clients, explain why they should be called much more hybrid devices these days, why they're considered more secure, and what advantages they offer over fat clients.



  • Microsoft 365 use cases
  • Remote working with hybrid devices
  • Administration of devices: how easily large-scale environment updates can be implemented and compare to standard fat client administration
  • Security benefits of using hybrid devices

 Who should attend:

  • System administrators
  • Resellers and MSP’s


Vorlage ReferentenbildJosephJoseph Petersen,
Technical Sales at Unicon


Vorlage ReferentenbildDirk Dirk Böing,
Technical Sales at Unicon