With the impending end of Windows 10 support, 200 million devices risk obsolescence due to Windows 11 incompatibility. However, a Linux-based OS, offers a solution by revitalizing devices and integrating them seamlessly into VDI or DaaS setups. Transitioning to such OS brings enhanced scalability, cost efficiency, security, and user experience. Embracing Linux-based OS not only ensures future readiness but also addresses sustainability concerns by extending the lifespan of existing hardware. It offers significant cost savings and simplifies device management through special tools. Moreover, Linux-based OS elevates user experience with seamless accessibility across diverse platforms.

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"eLux is the solution for legacy device revitalization"
-Ronak Nathwani, Solution Engineer at Unicon

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''Embracing Change with the End of Windows 10 Support''

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Main takeaways:
  • Prepare for Windows 10's end with a seamless alternative.
  • Transition to enhance scalability, security, and cost efficiency.
  • Ensure future readiness while reducing financial burdens.
  • Extend device lifespan and meet sustainability goals.
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