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Rolling out new devices in VDI and DaaS infrastructures often challenges IT admins: In most cases, large numbers of units must be rolled out configured in the shortest possible time. Numerous work steps, limited staff and time resources, and remote working models can make this even more difficult.  

 Thanks to uPilot, this onboarding process is considerably simplified - because onboarding can be done quickly and automatically by any end user, regardless of location. The uPilot service provides extensive support for the inclusion of the devices in the scout management for automated configuration.    

Find out in the webinar on February 7th how you can benefit from rapid deployment and configuration of new devices - whether laptops, thin clients or PCs - by using "Fast-Onboarding" with uPilot.   



  • eLux & Scout at a glance: hardware-agnostic operating system & efficient management solution
  • IT Trends: opportunities and challenges of a hybrid working world 
  • Device Onboarding:   
    • What does a comprehensive onboarding include?   
    • Internal vs. external onboarding  
  • Live Demo
    • Standard onboarding   
    • Fast, easy and location-independent onboarding via uPilot and SCG
  •  Sneak Peek: Onboarding with eLux 7

 Who should attend:

  • System administrators
  • Resellers and MSP’s


Aladdin ReferentenbildAladdin Özenir,
Product Owner at Unico


Thomas Duda-1 Thomas Duda,
Partner Manager at Unicon