White Paper

”New Ways of Working”

The working world is changing. Flexible working scenarios have now become a reality in many companies and are opening up new opportunities. For IT departments, however, working from home and mobile working mean numerous challenges. Despite having the same number of staff and existing tools and procedures, there is an ever-increasing number of devices that need to be managed.

The whitepaper “New Ways of Working” outlines the key issues of a modern IT infrastructure and shows how decision-makers and administrators can efficiently address these problems in terms of manageability, security and scalability using Unicon software solutions.

Who is this white paper for?
  • IT decision-makers, CIOs, heads of EUC programs
  • IT administrators
  • Unicon partners, resellers and distributors


Learning and Takaways:
  • Fast and flexible deployment of remote workspaces
  • Consistent user experience across all devices irrespective of whether they are in the office setting, at home or on the move
  • Reactivate and repurpose existing hardware to face supply chain problems
  • Efficient and lean management of the complete infrastructure with one console
  • Securely connect remote devices without additional VPN

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