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Scale, manage and secure your end-user computing. eLux® is an ultra light-weight, Linux-based, hardware agnostic, highly secure x86 end-point operating system provided by Unicon. It's built purposely to help companies scale, and secure their end-user computing in complex VDI, DaaS environments.

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Success Story ARZ

The Emmendingen Accounting Center (ARZ) adapted to Covid-19 by transfering their employees to work from home. They faced hardware supply issues, but Unicon's ARZ integrated Scout and eLux into their IT infrastructure. This allowed workers to securely use their thin clients at home and reduced costs. 

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New Ways of Working

Our whitepaper outlines key issues of a modern IT infrastructure and shows how to efficiently manage these problems using Unicon software solutions, provides insights in IT infrastructure, and offers practical tips and examples of how Unicon have helped organizations overcome these challenges.


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